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Updates Galore!

Hello everyone!

As you’ve noticed we’ve been ever so slowly adding all of our backstock to the shop listing pages. We had hoped to do this shortly after ANE this year but both of us have been pulling 50+ hour workweeks ever since the rise of COVID-19 in March.

You may have also noticed that many of our listings are getting a Custom variation. Listings with a Custom variation will allow you to create your own product. As we always say, If You Can Smell It, We Can Make It!……unless it’s jewelry. Can’t really smell jewelry.

One important thing that may affect upcoming orders: I work in an urgent care center. On June 26th I was informed that a staff I work closely with was seen for COVID symptoms and was tested. I’m still awaiting to see if the rest of us will need to seek testing.

To be safe, Blade and I will be unable to send out any orders until we’re sure we’re in the clear. You are more than welcome to make a purchase (It will actually help us both once we are quarantining and unable to work) but please understand it may be some time before we are able to ship it.

Hopefully you and yours are staying safe and healthy during these wild times!

~Nisha and Blade

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