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Paw Print Tart Melters




Packaged in bags of 3, these are great for those who cannot burn candles. Great for a scentsy warming dish or any other type of potpourri warmer. Each pack comes with 3 of the same scent tart melters. I do not mix and match scents. These are available in all of my candle scents!

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50 Shades of Murr, Baja Beaches, Balanced Breakfast, Berried Alive, Business Dragon, Cool Cattitude, Cinnamelon Tiger Tea, Dog Park, Dragons Fire, Errmehgrrd Murrfurrns, Falltime Frolics, Feather Light, Fluffin Mint, Forbidden Fruit, Fox Pounces, Freakshow Carnival, Friendly Tides, Fuzzy Feelings, Game of Scones, Going Savage, Gummy Thicc, Hesk Curl, Hidden Zipper, Horsing Around, Kitten Tails, Kitty Katt Kandy, Lakeside Cabin, Leash Tugger, Life's A Beach, Loopy Lemurs, Maple Moose, Maximum Voltage, Midnight Coconut, Miles of Fluff, Muskowl Mule, Musky Husky, Night Howlers, Old Towne Road, Otter Pond, OwO What's This?, Paradise Panda, Pawpsicle Jumbo Pop, Red Rocket, Send Nudes, Sled Trails, Smooth Criminal, Snuggles'n'Scritches, Sour Patch Kits, Tying The Knot, Wake'N'Bake, White Curl Wasted, Wolf Whistles, Womp Womp, Woodland Creatures, Ya'll So Salty


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