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Here at Fuzzy Feelings we pride ourselves on three things: the quality of our products, our shipping time, and our ridiculous names.

The following is our current scent list, complete with scent descriptions for each.

50 Shades of Murr – Scent is of a mens cologne…..light this candle to spark the right mood in the den, cave, or even the bedroom πŸ˜‰

After Dark Room Party – You get an invite in your DM’s to a late night room party at the con. You don’t want to go empty handed so you grab a bottle of vodka and head to the room. You knock on the door and am greeted by a tall husky wearing a bright red harness, they reach out and pull you into the room and slam the door. You’re thrown on the bed and this scent fills the room! Cologney and cinnamon smells fill your nose, fruit boozey drinks at the bar, and oddly a hint of coconut from the rum that spilled on the nightstand.

Air-izona Tea – Picture this! It’s the 90’s, you skated down to the corner store. You picked up that familiar 99 cent green colored can. You take a sip, a cool breeze flows by, and all is right with the world. Let us help you recall simpler times with this breezy blend of raspberry and green tea.

Baja Beaches – Are you a taco bell junkie? Do you have an addiction to Baja Blast? Well….this is the candle for you! A mixture of Mountain Dew, and Tropical Blast with hints of coconut and pineapple…..this will feed the need for that sweet blue green soda!

Berried Alive – Do you like berries? Then you’ll love this candle! It’s pretty much a berry explosion in a jar. A fruitful mixture of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Big Spicy Daddy – Ever want to be a big spicy daddy? Well spray this on you and parade around like you own the joint! A spicy mixture of sweet orange and chili pepper, mens cologne, and musk

Bro Chill – Know someone who really needs a chill pill? Know someone who is always on edge? Give them the gift of this scent! A soothing combination of Mountain Dew and cannabis flower who literally say to someone β€œBRO! CHILL!”

Cinnamelon Tiger Tea – Spicy yet sweet, this candle will satisfy the most avid tea drinker. With hints of green tea and cinnamon, with back notes of cantaloupe and honeydew.

Clout Chaser – Are you out for internet fame? Then this is the scent for you! Wash yourself up with this soap and you’re sure to get all the followers on Twatter and friends on Neckbook! Spicy Dragonsblood mixed with subtle peppermint will make the favs come rolling in!

Crinkle Cub – Blended baby powder and lavender to bring out the cub in everyone!

Dragons Fire – This is one of the OG scents made back in 2015! Dragons Fire is my personal favorie, blending spiced cranberry with dragonsblood. Almost smelling like a spiced fruit pie…..Dragon’s Fire will satisfy the dragon in everyone.

Dragons Whor’d – We got this recipe from a mad scientist looking to soulbond with a dragon. Use caution when subsiding up with this spicy mix of dragonsblood, orange, clove, and a beachy breeze. We are not responsible for what happens next…..just saying! CAUTION!!!! May make you irresistible to a dragon!

Falltime Frolics – Are you like me? Do you love fall and jumping in piles of freshly raked leaves? Do you love the waxiness and teeth hurting of candy corn? Light this to turn even the hottest days in the spring and summer….into a cool fall day! Okay, so you may have to crank up the air conditioner too, but hey at least it’ll smell like autumn!

Feather Light – Create a scent contest winner in 2017! Do you love the smell of laundry detergent… you stand there and sniff your clothes after they come out of the dryer….like a weirdo… me πŸ˜› Blended scents of the ocean like beechwood, vetiver, and salty sea air…..mixed with smells of detergents like pink daises and goji berries. You won’t be looked at weird when you sniff your freshly washed laundry anymore!

Feeling Frisky – Are you feeling frisky? Perhaps you just lit that fire in the fireplace, poured a couple glasses of wine, and laid out a flannel blanket? Well then why not add to the ambiance and light this candle? A powerful combination of peppery cologne, fireplace, powdery and floral notes, fruity reisling, and some citrus tones.Business Dragon – Inspired by a certain smart mouthed dragon in a business suit you have probably run into at conventions…..or if you’ve tried to take shinies from his hoard. This candle is a blend of green tea, green apple, and a little bit of AcquaDiGio for that sweet smell of business!

Forbidden Fruit – DO NOT INGEST THIS PRODUCT!!!!! lol…..if you do I am not responsible for what happens…..and no this is not a tide pod! SO DON’T EAT IT!!!! mmmmkay? This scent is a mixture of clean linens, pink daises, goji berries, and tropical fragrances

Friendly Tides – Inspired by the ocean and waves, blended scents of beechwood and vetiver, with back notes of peppermint and water lily, rounded out with some flower power of Jasmine.

Frosty Paws – Who doesn’t love a snow cone? Especially when it’s made with freshly fallen snow! But don’t get any frosty paws playing around in all that fluff! This scent is a mix of all the best flavors of snow cones. Bubble gum, blue raspberry, and cotton candy.

Furry Pride – Our scent for each color of the LGBTQ rainbow! We mixed sweet sangria, orange, lemon, mountain dew, blueberry, and grape. Show your pride and smell like all the things!

Happy Happy Hippos – Who doesn’t love red wine and bubble gum? I know I do! So I blended them together to make this happy accident which will leave you happy as a hippo! Maybe a little hungry, but I don’t want to slapped with copyright infringement lol

Happy Trail – You know what they say! There’s a special treat at the end of a happy trail! I’m not responsible for any crotch grabs after smelling this scent! Mixing Cologne, Dark Musk with Oak Barrel Cider, Banana, Cedar, and Raspberry.

Hesk Curl – Another OG scent from us here at FF…..spiced melon tea. Blended peppermint, mango, and green tea mixed with sweet orange and clove.

Hidden Zipper – Same as 50 Shades of Murr but with added dark musk, baby powder, and nuances of Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. I am not responsible for what happens afterwards!

Horsing Around – Blended scents of McIntosh apples, vanilla, sweet blue agave, cactus, and lemongrass… be neighing with delight after you light this candle!

Kitten Tails – Were you addicted to those blue raspberry blow pops like me? Then you’ll love this scent! A blend of blue raspberry and bubble gum, this candle will be all of the joy of a blow pop without the blue tongue.

Kitty Katt Kandy – inspired by a bright pink husky up in Canadia Land……her favorite scents are blended together to make this sweet yet pleasant scent. Blended cotton candy and bubble gum.

Knotty A.F. – Are you feeling naughty? Or maybe a slight bit knotty? This soap will leave you feeling oh my so clean but also ready for action! The sensual smell of pheremones mixed with a dark musk is sure to spark the mood in the right way *wink wink*

Lakeside Cabin – Ever want to get away? Ever want to just go out into the wilderness and escape it all? Then this scent is just for you! I’ve blended Pumpkin Spice, Log Cabin, Cinnamon, Pine Tree, Lakewater, and Pomegranate Orange Cider to make this scent which will help you lounge back on the shore of a lake and rest your mind.

Lavnilla Dreams – A dreamy mixture of lavender and vanilla, a favorite of the fuzzy feelings staff πŸ™‚

Leash Tugger – This scent is a bit nsfw……but you don’t have to over 18 to sniff it πŸ™‚ Smells of leather, bourbon, brown sugar, and mens cologne will bring out the wild side in you. But please don’t actually tug on someones leash or harness…….they may bite back!

Leather Daddy – Turn your shower into a bdsm dungeon with this soap….I’m not recommending showering together but hey…you do you πŸ˜‰ Manly leather is mixed with the smell of stainless steel, dark musk, and cologne. After washing you’ll both smell like a brand new belt that you use to… know what, nevermind πŸ˜‰

Life’s A Beach – I love everything about the beach! The salty water, squishing sand between my toes, the smells and the sounds. But when I can’t get to the beach, this candle does just fine! Blended scents of salty sea air, beechwood, and vetiver for that beach nuance. Mixed with sweet apple, mango, and tropical. Now with added suntan lotion fragrance!

Loopy Lemurs – this is just what you think it is……FRUIT LOOPS! It’s saturday morning in a bowl. Waking up in the morning, pouring a bowl of fruit loops, filling the bowl with milk, and crashing in front of the tv watching cartoons all day πŸ™‚

Maple Moose Do you love maple syrup as much as I do? Then who wouldn’t want to smell like a walking stack of Eggos? Straight vermont maple syrup……you can mix it with whatever you want, or just make everyone want waffles. It’s your choice!

Midnight Coconut – This is one of my personal favorites! It’s tropical yet dark and mysterious like a sensual night on a beach in Hawaii. Blended tropical scents with coconut and vanilla……rounded out with hints of mens cologne. Just like that one night……you remember πŸ˜‰

Miles of Fluff – Do you like fluffy stuff? I mean…..who doesn’t! This scent combines everything fluffy into one lovely scent. We’ve mixed cotton candy and toasted marshmallow fluff with the sweet fragrance of blueberries.

Night Howlers – inspired by the movie Zootopia, Night Howlers will have you going savage in no time! Be careful when traipsing through flower beds for those purple blue flowers…..blended flowery smells of lilac, orchid, water lily, and jasmine. Mixed with apple and mango for a little sweetness.

Old Towne Road – I’m gunna take my horse down to Old Towne Road……okay so not really. But this is what I think it would smell like down that road. Like a cabin in the woods where everybody is sitting around the campfire telling stories, smoking cigars, and throwing back some cold ones. Smokey Campfire is blended with mens cologne, cuban cigar, oak barrel cider, and beer.

Otter Pond – I love rudder butts, do you? They’re so adorable! This candle blends water lily and jasmine with sandalwood and rain.

OwO What’s This – this is our sercret scent here at FF. Nobody knows truly what it is except for me! But I will give you a hint……you may have some lying around in your shower or bathroom sink. Not that OLD but definitely SPICEy lol

Paradise Panda – I took all of my favorite scents of mixed drinks and put them all together! Blended together a mixture of blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and tropical.

Peaceful Galaxy – This soothing blend of coconut, lime, jasmine, and lavender will make you feel like you’re drifting away into the milky way!

Pinkies Out – A wise starfish once said “When in doubt, pinkies out!”……and that’s helped us be fancy ever since. We also think this blend of berry reisling, pipe tobacco, and stainless steel will also give you a head start at being fancy too! And remember…..PINKIES OUT!

Pins & Needles – This scent blends the two seasons of summer and winter. Summer makes you think of freshly washed linens hanging out on the clothesline. For winter we’ve added everyones favorite eggnog topper, nutmeg. Rounded out with a bit of peppermint candy cane and pine christmas tree.

Playful Pup – Who’s a good boy? Are you a good girl? Or are you just good in general? This scent will have you chasing your own tail and being a playful pup! We’ve blended spicy notes of cognac and cuban cigar, with ruff notes of leather. At the back end, you’ll be tickled by notes of suede and flowery tones. Now be a good pup and roll over for some belly pats!

Red Rocket – Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a candle…..not a……well……ya know πŸ˜› Mixed together the sweet scents of raspberry, strawberry, and coconut. Along with back notes of mens cologne and dark musk for a slight deepness.

Sakura Sky – Make believe you’re lying in a meadow in Japan, full of budding cherry blossoms. You’re taken back by all the beautiful pink flowers, your mind drifts into a zenful place. A nearby brook teases you with the sound of tranquil sounds of flowing water. You inhale the sweet smell of crisp air, all combined into this intoxicating scent!

Santa’s Rain-deer – When you live in New England….you have no idea what the weather is going to be! You always hope for a white christmas…..but with global warming and pollution… usually get rain. So unlike the unpleasent smell of wet animal…..we tried to make it a little more fun! So holiday spices and spiced cranberry cider is blended with fresh rain and bergemot.

Salty Little Beach – All the fun of being at the beach without sand getting stuck in places you don’t want sand. But you’ll still be left feeling a little salty. Blended scents of sea air and ocean with a hint of suntan lotion.

Send Nudes – Yeah, please don’t send me nudes……i don’t want to see that lol. But I’m not responsible for what you send to other people πŸ˜› Blended scents of mens cologne and lemon lime, mixed with flowery water lily, jasmine, and orchid…….you may find yourself stripping naked and taking the best selfies you can possibly muster!

Simple & Clean – This soap is the way that you’re making me feel tonight, it’s hard to let it go. So don’t drop the soap πŸ˜‰ But when you walk away, you may hear the soap say “Please, oh baby, don’t go” Scents blended are sweet and crisp starfruit and mango with clean ocean breeze.

Sled Trails – inspired by a certain hoosk, sled trails will satisfy the lover of hard cider. First i blended together woodsy oak barrel cider with nutmeg, then added redwood and sandalwood for that smell of a fresh barrel or hard cider.

Sour Patch Kits – are you addicted to those sweet and sour little kids that make you pucker with every bite? Blended sour watermelon with gummy candy for that fresh bag smell of sour candy. I’m a sour candyaholic myself πŸ™‚

Spice Curls – We know what you want, what you really really want! So tell me what you want, what you really really want! Hopefully what you want is a blend of pumpkin spice, orange, chili pepper, and spices because this would be the scent for you!

Toe Beans – Who doesn’t love Toe Beans? I mean, come on! They’re squishy and just oh so adorable! This scent mixes jelly beans and sour watermelon candy. Rounded out with citrus notes and flowery tones. You’ll swear you have your face smooshed into some soft toe beans!

Tying The Knot – Hey hey hey……hey you with the dirty mind. This is wedding cake….what were you thinking? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! It’s mixed together with strawberry, vanilla, and peach with a little bit of chocolate fudge.

Wake’N’Bake – Yup….this is just what you think it is. Cannabis flower blended with freshly baked sugar cookies. Added vanilla and cinnamon gives it that fresh baked smell everyone loves……especially when you have the munchies!

Watermelon Sugar High – A little bit of a different high than you think! we’ve thrown cannabis flower into mix with watermelon candy……and then everyone favorite sugary snack….cotton candy!

Wellerman Comes – There once was a ship that put to sea. And the name of that ship was the Billy O’Tea. The wind blew hard, her bow dipped down. Blow, me bully boys, blow! Soon may the Wellerman Comes…..this scent is a blend of maple sugar, chai tea, and bay rum. With a little note of salty sea air and awapuhi seaberry. It’ll leave you wanting to yell out β€œARRRRR YE MATEY!”

White Curl Wasted – Yup…you guessed it. This is just what you think it is. 100% straight pumpkin spice! To bring out the white curl in all of us πŸ™‚

Wolf Whistles – One of my favorite soft drink of all time is black cherry vanilla dr. pepper…….so i recreated that scent in a candle! πŸ™‚

Womp Womp – Whoops! We all make mistakes……that’s where Womp Womp comes from! Ever just have a slip up and someone in the back goes womp womp? Yeah, well, here’s what it would smell like lol. Inspired by a certain draolf who pretty much coined the phrase lol…..a blend of cinnabon, funnel cake, cinnamon (cause who doesn’t like more cinnamon?), and Creme Brulee. I promise you…this was no mista…..    WOMP WOMP!!!